Living Wall Photo Gallery




Bring out the creative gardener in you......




'Florida Sweet Heart' caladiums, Vino and Wasabi coleus, pin wax begonias and blue torenia.




Guzmania bromeliads with white polka dot plant and ferns




Caladiums and ferns





Strap-leaf caladiums , New Guinea impatiens and spider plant.




Neorgelia bromeliad surrounded by white butterfly and framed with pilea.






'Candyland' strap-leaf caladiums and pink torenia and ferns.






'Neorgelia Petra', variegated peperomia, ferns, spider plants and Oregon Moss.








'Kong' coleus, 'Vino' and 'Gay's Delight' coleus, Sunpatiens 'Compact Lilac' and Sunpatiens 'Compact Magenta.'





Cryptanthus 'Ruby Star' bromeliads and 'Neon' pothos.





'Neorgelia Fiesta' bromeliad, pink polka dot plant and ferns.





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