Hayracks & Liners


Item Number: KC26EX

For any expanse of wall, railing or window over 6 ft. long, this is the solution. Two halves combined with any number of center sections will match the scale of big windows and buildings. The results outshine any window box or container because these are the deepest, most substantial wall planters available.

40" Middle Section, to expand the KC26 hayrack

They are ideal for large scale projects that would tend to dwarf other planters. The amount of planting material these Hayracks can handle is amazing. With a minimum of care and feeding your plants will grow magnificently.

These impressive hayracks are large and heavy. For safety reasons, they should be installed onto buildings by a professional.

Coco-Fiber Bulk Roll can also be cut to fit these sectional hayracks. For a decorative, finished effect trim the front rail with Floral Sheet Moss, Oregon Green Moss, or New Zealand Sphagnum Moss.