Posey Pots
Cs/4 - Green Marble Posey Pot

Cs/4 - Green Marble Posey Pot

Item Number: GRMPP-4

Green Marble Posey Pot
From the makers of our Down Under Pots. Glazed terracotta finish. This is a classic, both traditional & contempory for vases of all shapes & sizes. Marble Green Posey Pots are popular in every aspect.

This little vase is designed especially for the beautiful short stems:

Each Vase is glazed inside

To setup your Posey Pot:

  • fill with approximately 1/2 litre of water
  • there are 12 holes for flowers
  • place flowers & or succulents into the holes one or more to each hole

Height approx. 2-1/2"
Diameter approx: 6"
Holes: there are 12 holes stategically placed from 3/4" to 1/4"