Slug Repellents
Cs/6 - Slug Gone Wool Pellets

Cs/6 - Slug Gone Wool Pellets

Item Number: SGWP-6

Slug Gone forms a naturally effective barrier against slugs and snails. It is produced in England from 100% waste wool which is formed into pellets. Place the pellets around a plant and water in. Once wet, the pellets will swell and "self-felt" to form a mat that slugs and snails will not cross. It's the hooks and barbs in the wool fibers (what makes it itchy) that irritates slugs and snails while also drawing moisture from their "foot."

The pellets also act as a bio - degradable mulch to retain moisture and as a weed barrier to control weeds. One application lasts an entire season - it will not wash out or blow away. Use in the garden or in containers.

Safe around children, pets and vegetables.

Case of 6 - 3.5 Liter Bags