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We believe that gardening should be an enjoyable part of everyone's life - whether you have many acres or a small apartment balcony.

Gardening is your connection to the entire natural world: Plants, birds, insects - and don't forget the frogs and toads. Every flower you grow draws you closer to the living wonders that surround us.

We started Kinsman Company 42 years ago in 1981, near our home in Point Pleasant, PA on the Delaware River. Graham grew up in England where gardens are everywhere - and his Aunties and Uncles really did Dig for Victory. He has fond childhood memories of home grown fruits and veggies, as well as beautiful flowers. So it was natural we should begin by finding the best English garden products to offer to our customers. From then to now, we only offer items we like and use ourselves.

Today we import directly from England, Spain, Czech Republic,Germany, Sri Lanka, India and China - as well as USA. Many products are made to our specific design, to be bigger, stronger, longer lasting and we hope, more attractive than most mass produced items. We even make some of our own products in our Oregon warehouse from local Western Red Cedar.

We hope Kinsman Company will help enhance your enjoyment of your plants, birds, butterflies, pollinating and Mason Bees - all the things that make a garden a magical, tranquil place.

Happy Gardening !

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